Kathleen Sullivan McDonald was born in the West Of Scotland. Her parents, first and second generation Scots from Irish immigrants, had five children; she was born the middle child. Keen to make her own way in the world, and escape the smoke-stack gloomy environment she was born into, she left school, as soon as it was legal, and took a job in a shoe boutique in the big city. She soon became restless in the commute.
Her adventurous spirit propelled her into a manager’s job in a seventy-two bedroom hotel in Devon England, eight hundred miles from home, where she met a local boy and married him. Despite cultural disparities, they stayed married for twenty years and raised two sons to manhood. During that time her life took a couple of twists from which her drive and ambition were born.
After they parted, she set off on a journey of struggle and determination. A job, selling her own Irish-knit sweater designs, took her overseas to Florida. She settled in a small seaside town on the Gulf of Mexico where a defining change in her life inspired her to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a nurse. Ten years later, she graduated with Honors in Baccalaureate of Nursing Degree from St. Pete College, Florida. You could say she lived life first and then educated herself on how to live life! These days, she is a proud mother of two grown sons and grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren. She travels around the world to see her family as often as she can.
In 2007 she worked for her local Hospice, telling her friends it was the most rewarding year of her professional career so far.
She currently works as a registered nurse at the bedside with patients and families in the challenging, and sometimes difficult, arena of a Neuro-Intensive Care Unit in her local hospital. Kathleen is active in the Tampa Bay community and frequently gives talks to nursing students and other professional groups about surviving life and healing yourself. From her experience as a veteran nurse and Usui Reiki Master practitioner, she creates fictionalized stories based on real life experiences, and other non fiction works, to heal, educate, and inspire others.