Butterfly is an oasis of hope. It is a work of fiction based on a true story. Butterfly is set in Florida but as the story unfolds the main character, Bridget Ann Flynn, travels back and forth to Scotland, Ireland, and England in her thoughts, in her dreams, and in person. Topics covered in the book are painful yet inescapable elements of modern life and include job losses, divorce, alcoholism, and family tragedy. With a positive spin, the book is an inspirational account of love and loss. After an array of unexplained events, the first spark of enlightenment comes to Bridget in dreams. Her curiosity is ignited and she sets off on a journey of personal growth through education and discovery. Finally, after years of struggle and determination, Bridget stands at a place where for her the journey began. This time however, she has the knowledge to understand it and the strength of spirit to improve the outcome for someone else. Butterfly expresses hope and heartbreak in equal measure. It will cause you to rethink and redefine your life. Joy is not measured by the events in your life but by your response to those events.


Dogwood is a journey through moments. It will cause you to stop and appreciate all that you have in your life, experience gratitude, find your joy, and allow dreams that have still to come. Dogwood is set in North Carolina, but as the story unfolds the main character Maggie McKnight becomes gravely ill. While her body lies sick in the hospital, her spirit travels across the ocean and back and forth in time locally and to ancient Scotland. In her dreams Maggie gets a glimpse of what life was like for those who lived before her and bore her name. You will wonder did Maggie have those dreams or was she really there. While we know that every cell in the human body has the capacity for memory what we do not know is for how many generations those memories remain. Does history repeat itself?

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